Welcome to It’s a Thing Called Life!

So, what is this slice of the web all about? It’s a man’s blog (written by me, a man) of life’s ups, downs, and everything in between.

I guess you could call it a lifestyle blog, based on my life’s joys, hassles, triumphs, and defeats. It’s where I think out loud on paper, release the thoughts and the occasional craziness that ventures through my head. I hope that you and I can relate in some ways and maybe, every once in awhile, even learn from each other. So feel free to comment at will.

My background is diverse, my mid-life has come and gone. I moved home to take care of my mother at the end of her life. Once she was gone, was turned upon by my remaining family and my life changed forever.  These days, I am taking it day by day and trying to enjoy the journey. It’s all one can do.

I hope you find something that you enjoy, find entertaining, or can relate to and continue to follow along.